5 Reasons People Don’t Buy Solar

1.  People fear what they don’t know

Education is key! However, the amount of information about things like how solar works, if you’re home is a good fit, installation, warranties, maintenance & more, makes it easy for people to get overwhelmed and/or confused. This is why we take an instructing approach and take time to ensure our customers have a full understanding of how things work.


2. Misleading advertising

SOLAR IS NOT FREE.  There is an old saying that, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  


3.  People think it’s too expensive

There are a  couple of things that have changed over time, making this statement inaccurate.  First, the cost of solar has dropped dramatically over the last two decades.  Second, with electricity rates getting higher and higher all the time, solar is becoming more affordable than ever before for many people. Contact us today to learn more about available financing options.


4.  Lack of trust in providers

False promises, misleading information, dozens of fly-by-night providers, and little or no post-installation support all contribute to the lack of trust in the industry.  An unfortunately high percentage of people that have switched to solar, chose to do so with a company that left a bad taste in their mouth.  We all know consumers are quick to share negative reviews as a way to warn others, but this has had a major impact on their industry itself.  Investing into solar is obviously a big investment and consumers are often afraid of choosing the wrong company, which often discourages them from moving forward at all.  This has had a negative impact on the reputable solar installation providers, such as Supreme Solar & Electric, that actually care about their customers and their reputation.  


5.  They’ve been told solar requires a lot of maintenance

Here at Supreme Solar and Electric, we offer the BEST services. We offer an extended production and labor warranty. That means we fix or repair anything that fails in the system for 25 years.



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