Do You Need a Battery with Your Solar System? A Comprehensive Guide for Californians


Going solar is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. However, if you’re a resident in Fresno or Palm Desert, California, you might have questions about the recent changes in net metering policies and how it affects your solar installation. As a leading Fresno Solar Company, Supreme Solar & Electric is here to provide you with valuable insights into whether you need a battery with your solar system in the new regulatory landscape.

The Importance of Net Metering

For years, net metering has been the cornerstone policy for solar users. The concept is simple: you export the excess energy generated by your solar panels back to the electric grid and get credited for it. These credits can then offset your energy bill, resulting in substantial savings.
However, the landscape has changed. If you’re considering a solar panel installation now, it’s crucial to know how the changes in net metering could affect you.

The New Net Metering Policy: What Changed?

The net metering policy has recently undergone revisions that significantly reduce export rates for solar power. Previously, homeowners could export excess power to the grid and receive a retail credit. These generous credits often made solar installations incredibly cost-effective.
But now, the rules have changed. The export rates for the excess solar power you send back to the grid have decreased substantially. What does this mean for you? As a top-rated Solar Panel Company serving Fresno and Palm Desert, we recommend installing a battery with your solar system for new homeowners.

Why a Battery Makes Financial Sense Now

While the rates for exporting your excess solar power have dropped, the cost of electricity from the grid continues to rise. By installing a battery, you can store the excess solar power generated during the day and use it at night, thereby making your solar system far more efficient. This can help to offset the loss you would otherwise experience due to the lower export rates. In essence, a battery allows you to become more energy-independent and less affected by rate changes.

Who Doesn’t Need a Battery?

If your solar panel installation is under the old net metering one or net metering two policies, you might not need to worry about this change. These policies are grandfathered in for 20 years from the time your system was turned on. For you, the financial dynamics of solar power remain largely unchanged. However, if you are new to solar or planning to install a new system, the latest net metering changes make a strong case for including a battery.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis

Adding a battery to your solar system might seem like an extra expense, but it needs to be looked at as an investment. With rising electricity rates in California, it still makes financial sense to go solar—even with a battery. The savings in your energy bills over the years will more than make up for the initial outlay.

Why Choose Supreme Solar & Electric?

As a premium Solar Panel Installer in Fresno and Palm Desert, California, we offer a comprehensive solar service, right from initial consultation to solar panel installation and after-service. When you schedule a Solar Service Call with us, we assess your energy needs, walk you through your options, and help you make an informed decision. Our team of skilled Solar Panel Installers ensure that your system is up and running efficiently, allowing you to reap the maximum benefits of going solar.


California’s net metering policy change has certainly shifted the solar landscape. However, that shouldn’t deter new homeowners from making the switch to clean, renewable energy. With a well-planned solar panel installation that includes a battery, you can still enjoy significant savings on your energy bills.
To learn more about your solar options and how a battery could benefit you, feel free to schedule a Solar Service Call with Supreme Solar & Electric today. We are committed to helping you navigate these changes and ensuring that your solar system meets your energy and financial needs.
So, if you’re in Fresno or Palm Desert and have been contemplating solar, there has never been a better time to go solar and take control of your energy costs. With the right planning and a trusted partner like Supreme Solar & Electric, the sun will continue to shine brightly on your solar investment.


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