How to Turn Off Your Solar System: A Comprehensive Guide by Supreme Solar & Electric

The increasing adoption of solar energy solutions has more homeowners and businesses going green. If you’re considering making the switch to solar energy or have already done so, kudos to you! The transition is not only beneficial for the environment but also offers an excellent way to reduce your energy bills. Here at Supreme Solar & Electric, your trusted Fresno solar company, we’re committed to providing you with top-notch solar services. Today, we’re going to delve into a topic that is vital for any solar panel system owner: How to turn off your solar system safely.

Why Would You Need to Turn Off Your Solar System?

Before we get into the specifics, it’s essential to understand why you might need to turn off your solar system. The reasons may include:
  1. Solar Service Call: If you’ve scheduled a service call for system maintenance, it’s often necessary to power down the system.
  2. Upgrades: Whether you’re expanding your system or adding new functionalities, turning it off is crucial for the safety of both you and the solar panel installer.
  3. Safety Concerns: In case of emergency situations such as electrical fires or natural disasters.
  4. System Checks: To validate performance metrics or troubleshoot issues.
  5. Manual Cleaning: Although most modern solar systems are low maintenance, you might want to turn off the system for cleaning occasionally.

Components of a Solar System

Generally, a solar panel system consists of several integral components:
  1. Solar Panels: These are the most visible part of your system, capturing sunlight and converting it into DC electricity.
  2. Inverter: This component converts the DC electricity generated by the panels into AC electricity that can be used in your home or fed back into the grid.
  3. Safety Switch: Often referred to as the AC disconnect, this is a safety feature designed to manually cut off the system from the grid.
  4. Electrical Panel: Also known as the breaker box, this is where electricity is distributed throughout your home.
  5. Combiner Panel with Breakers: This is commonly present in systems with micro inverters.

Steps to Safely Turn Off Your Solar System

Using the Electrical Panel:

  1. Locate the Designated Breaker: Inside your electrical panel, there will be a designated breaker for the solar panel system. The breaker is usually clearly labeled.
  2. Flip the Breaker: Turn off the designated breaker in the electrical panel. Doing this will effectively disconnect the power from your solar system.

Using the Safety Switch (AC Disconnect):

  1. Locate the AC Disconnect: This switch is generally placed near the inverter or electrical panel.
  2. Turn Off the Switch: Turning off this safety switch works just like turning off the breaker in the electrical panel and will disconnect your system from the grid.

Using the Inverter:

  1. Locate the DC Disconnect Switch: Usually located on the inverter, this switch disconnects the solar panels from the inverter.
  2. Turn Off the Switch: Turning off this switch will disconnect the panels from the inverter, but note that it won’t disconnect your system from the electrical grid.

Micro Inverter Systems:

If you have a system with micro inverters, there will typically be a combiner panel with breakers.
  1. Locate the Combiner Panel: This is usually near the main electrical panel.
  2. Turn Off the Breakers: Just like the main electrical panel, flip the designated breakers to off.

Built-in Safety Mechanisms

Most modern solar systems come with built-in safety features. One of the most noteworthy is the rapid shutdown mechanism, which immediately cuts off the power if the grid goes down. This feature is particularly useful in emergencies and means you generally don’t have to worry about manually shutting off the system.


Understanding how to turn off your solar system is vital for safety and maintenance. At Supreme Solar & Electric, we’re dedicated to providing you not just with top-notch solar panel installation but also with the knowledge to operate your system safely. If you have any questions or need a solar service call, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, your reliable Solar Panel Company in Fresno and Palm Desert, California.
For more information, contact Supreme Solar & Electric, where our expert solar panel installers are always ready to assist you. We’re not just a Fresno solar company; we’re your partners in sustainable living.
Stay safe, and keep harnessing the sun’s power to your advantage!
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Written by Supreme Solar & Electric – A leading Fresno and Palm Desert Solar Panel Installer.


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