Is Your Electrical Panel Ready for Solar? A Quick Guide from Fresno’s Top Solar Company

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity as an efficient and renewable source of power. If you’re a homeowner in Fresno or Palm Desert, California, and considering a switch to solar, one question you must address is, “Is my electrical panel ready for solar?” As Fresno’s leading solar panel company, Supreme Solar & Electric is here to provide a detailed guide on this topic.

The Role of the Electrical Panel in Solar Panel Installation

Your electrical panel serves as the hub that directs electricity throughout your home. It’s the critical point where the energy from your solar panels integrates with your home’s electrical system. As you can imagine, the size and capabilities of this panel play a massive role in the feasibility and efficiency of solar panel installation.

How to Identify Your Electrical Panel’s Capacity

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of solar panel installation, it’s essential to understand your electrical panel’s capacity. The capacity will determine how many solar panels your home can accommodate.
Locate your home’s electrical panel and take a look at the main breaker. The main breaker will generally be labeled as one of three types:
  • 100A: A 100-amp panel typically accommodates up to 13 solar panels.
  • 125A: A 125-amp panel can handle up to 33 solar panels.
  • 200A: A 200-amp panel can accommodate up to 42 solar panels.
Knowing the type of electrical panel you have is an excellent starting point to determine if you need to upgrade your panel when transitioning to solar energy.

Solar Panel Installer Insights: What to Do If Your Panel Isn’t Big Enough

So, what happens if you need more solar panels than your existing electrical panel can handle? Don’t worry! You have options.

Option 1: Panel Upgrade

Upgrading your electrical panel is the most straightforward approach. Supreme Solar & Electric, your trusted solar panel installer, can efficiently execute this process. With an upgrade, you can increase the capacity of your electrical panel, allowing you to install more solar panels and therefore generate more energy.

Option 2: Subpanels

Another option is to install a subpanel alongside your existing electrical panel. The subpanel offers additional slots for circuit breakers, allowing you to accommodate more solar panels without completely replacing your main electrical panel.

Option 3: Energy Optimization

Before you decide to upgrade or install a subpanel, consider conducting an energy optimization review of your home. Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures can lower your home’s energy needs, which could make your existing electrical panel sufficient for your solar needs.

Solar Service Call: Why It’s Essential

Conducting a solar service call with a professional like Supreme Solar & Electric is crucial to accurately evaluate your electrical panel’s readiness for solar. During this service call, we assess your energy needs, electrical panel capacity, and available roof space to provide a personalized solar solution tailored for you. We can also advise you on whether your panel needs an upgrade or if a subpanel will suffice.

Financial Considerations

Upgrading an electrical panel does come with costs, but these expenses can often be rolled into the total cost of your solar installation project. Many financing options are available to make this process more affordable. Moreover, investing in solar energy can save you a significant amount in energy bills over the long term and may also qualify you for federal and state tax incentives.

Concluding Thoughts

Before taking the plunge into solar energy, understanding your electrical panel’s capacity is essential. This knowledge will not only guide you in choosing the right number of solar panels but also in determining whether you need to invest in an upgrade or subpanel installation.
For all your solar panel installation and solar service call needs, look no further than Supreme Solar & Electric. As the leading solar panel company in Fresno and Palm Desert, we are committed to helping you transition to a greener, more sustainable future.
To learn more or to schedule a solar service call, contact us today. Together, we can take the next step toward making your home a hub for clean, renewable energy.


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