Comprehensive Solar Services

At Supreme Solar, we’re dedicated to powering your home with sustainable energy solutions tailored to your needs. From our expert residential solar installations, including rooftop, ground mount setups, and solar patios, to cutting-edge solar batteries and whole-home generators, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment to quality shines through with a 60-day installation guarantee and a 25-year warranty on parts, labor, and system performance, ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.  Plus, with services like solar panel cleaning and critter guard installation, we go the extra mile to optimize your system’s efficiency and protect your investment. Explore our services below.

The Supreme Difference

At Supreme Solar, we believe in exceptional service and custom-tailored solutions. Our expert technicians, boasting over 12 years of combined experience, deliver Fresno’s fastest installations without compromising on quality. We pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your solar investment shines as bright as it should.

100% satisfaction is our guarantee, which means your happiness is our ultimate goal. Our solar specialists meticulously manage every project to the highest standards, surpassing your expectations. If anything falls short, it’s on us to make it right.


We’re committed to taking exceptional care of our customers and we think it shows in our reviews.


Break the grip of greedy utilities and power your home on your terms.