The Advantages of Using String Inverters Over Micro Inverters in Ground-Mount Solar Systems

When it comes to selecting the right solar system for your home or business, the devil is in the details. In the solar industry, small choices can lead to significant differences in performance, efficiency, and long-term return on investment. At Supreme Solar & Electric, a leading Fresno Solar Company with operations also in Palm Desert, California, we believe it’s crucial to make informed decisions that suit your specific needs. One of those decisions is selecting the right inverter for your ground-mount solar system.
Today, we aim to shed light on why we strongly recommend using string inverters over micro inverters, especially for ground-mounted solar systems. As a professional solar panel company with years of experience in solar panel installation, we have seen the long-term benefits of making this choice.

Smaller Wires, Bigger Savings: The Power of DC Current

One of the most striking advantages of using a string inverter in a ground-mount solar system lies in the type of electrical current it uses. String inverters keep the power as Direct Current (DC) through the trench that leads back to your house. The benefit? You’ll need smaller wires for the trench as opposed to larger ones if you were running Alternating Current (AC) from micro inverters.
Smaller wires mean less material, less labor, and ultimately less cost. It’s also more efficient and potentially safer to run DC through longer distances from your ground-mounted panels to your home. These savings may not seem substantial at first glance, but they can make a difference in the overall cost and efficiency of your solar panel installation.

Facing the Sun: Optimal Orientation and Performance

The second compelling reason to opt for a string inverter involves the orientation of ground-mounted solar panels. These installations typically face directly 180 degrees south. This positioning allows the system to produce at peak performance for longer periods of the day.
String inverters tend to produce more power than micro inverters when the system is at peak performance for extended durations. This is mainly due to the limited maximum output of micro inverters. In areas like Fresno and Palm Desert, where the sun is a plentiful resource, maximizing your system’s output during these peak hours is critical. A string inverter ensures you’re squeezing every possible watt out of your investment.

Real-world Experience: Trust the Experts

Supreme Solar & Electric has undertaken numerous ground-mount installations using both string inverters and micro inverters. Our firsthand experience consistently points to string inverters as the superior choice for ground-mounted systems. When you call us for a solar service call, our team of expert solar panel installers will assess your site’s specifics and typically recommend a string inverter for all the reasons outlined above.

String Inverters: The Summary

So why should you, as a savvy consumer, choose a string inverter for your ground-mount solar system? To summarize:
  1. Lower Installation Costs: The DC current requires smaller wires, making your trenching work cheaper and more straightforward.
  2. Optimal Performance: String inverters provide more extended peak performance due to the typical south-facing orientation of ground-mounted solar systems.
  3. Expert Recommendation: As a seasoned solar panel company, our real-world experience confirms the theoretical advantages of string inverters.
The next time you’re contemplating a solar panel installation in Fresno, Palm Desert, or anywhere else, remember that not all inverters are created equal. For a ground-mount system, a string inverter offers distinct advantages that can make your solar journey more fruitful in the long run.
Are you looking for an expert solar panel installer for a ground-mounted system or any other solar need? Reach out to Supreme Solar & Electric for a solar service call. We’re committed to helping you make the best choices for your solar project, from beginning to end. With our guidance, you can maximize your investment and enjoy the multiple benefits of solar power for years to come.


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