The Ultimate Guide to Comparing Solar Proposals: 14 Critical Factors to Consider

If you’ve decided to tap into the world of solar energy, congratulations! Solar power is a clean, renewable, and increasingly affordable source of energy. However, making the jump to solar can be a complex process, especially when it comes to comparing proposals from different solar providers. As a leading Fresno Solar Company, Supreme Solar & Electric is here to simplify that journey for you. In this blog, we will break down the 14 essential factors you should consider when comparing solar proposals.

1. System Size (Kilowatt Peak)

The first factor you should focus on is the system size, commonly known as kilowatt peak. Make sure you are comparing similar system sizes across various proposals. Some companies might design smaller systems that claim to output the same amount of power, so it’s crucial to compare apples to apples.

2. Estimated Production

Pay close attention to the estimated production of the system, usually measured in kilowatt-hours. Ensure that the projected production aligns with your current and future consumption, accounting for additional factors like electric vehicles, spas, or swimming pools.

3. Total Cost of the System

While monthly payments can be tempting to consider, always focus on the total cost of the system. The complete price should include not just the panels but also the solar panel installation, permit fees, and any other miscellaneous costs. When you make that solar service call to a prospective company, make sure to ask about these details.

4. Equipment Quality

Equipment quality primarily focuses on two components: solar panels and inverters. Look into factors like efficiency, warranty, and reviews on string and micro-inverters. As your trusted solar panel company, Supreme Solar only works with the highest quality equipment to ensure lasting efficiency.

5. Warranty Details

Warranties are critical because they dictate what happens if something goes wrong post-installation. A reputable solar panel installer will offer comprehensive warranties covering the panels, inverters, batteries, and even labor.

6. Performance Guarantee

A performance guarantee ensures that if anything fails during the warranty period, you’ll be taken care of. A drop in performance from 100% to zero can be devastating, so this guarantee provides an added layer of security.

7. Financing Options

Typically, companies will offer zero down financing options. Examine the interest rates and the term duration to decide what suits your financial standing.

8. Incentives and Rebates

In the U.S., the most critical incentive is often the Federal Solar Tax Credit. If you’re eligible for this 30% tax credit, it’s wise to opt for a purchase system over a lease.

9. Company Reputation

A quick online search can yield valuable insights into a company’s reputation. Your partnership with a solar panel installer is likely to last over 25 years, so do your due diligence.

10. Installation Timeline

Speed is crucial for many customers. Supreme Solar & Electric boasts an impressive 45-60 day turnaround time for most projects, ensuring you’re not left waiting.

11. Payment Structure

Some systems require down payments, while others do not. Assess your financial situation and determine which payment structure aligns best with your long-term plans.

12. Maintenance and Monitoring

Monitoring each panel individually is often a feature that homeowners appreciate. Make sure your chosen system comes with efficient monitoring and maintenance support.

13. Potential Savings

How much will you save over the life of the system, both on a month-to-month basis and long-term? These calculations will help you understand if you’re making a sound investment.

14. System Design

Optimizing your roof space is crucial for maximizing sun hours and minimizing shaded areas. A well-designed system takes these factors into account, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

Final Thoughts

These 14 factors are your roadmap to a smooth solar panel installation journey. Remember, it’s essential to compare proposals in an apples-to-apples fashion to get the most out of your investment. If you have any more questions or are interested in scheduling a solar service call, Supreme Solar & Electric is here to help. We are your go-to Fresno Solar Company, also proudly serving Palm Desert, California. Reach out to us today, and let’s illuminate your world with the power of the sun.


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