Solar Billing Explained

Learn how to read your energy statement

In addition to your monthly energy charges, each energy statement includes the following account information:

✔  Your account number, statement date and due date.
✔  An account summary of details on your payments and charges.
✔  A monthly billing history graph that charts your energy usage.


1. Account Number

Your 10-digit account number and due date is at the top of every page.  You will receive a separate monthly statement for each active account.

2. Your Enrolled Programs

Shows the programs you are currently enrolled in that may impact your bill total

3. Your Account Summary

A snapshot of your bill (a more detailed breakdown of your charges is available on the following pages). The account summary provides an overview of charges incurred, payments received, and your total amount due.

4.  Total Amount Due

Your charges and payment due date.

5. Monthly Billing History

A chart of your monthly charges over the past year*.  The dates used to calculate a bill inclusive of both the “Bill From” and “Bill To” Date.

5. Important Messages

Provides timely information from PG&E* including:

  • Details on rebates.
  • Energy-saving tips.
  • Gas and electric safety information.



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