Professionally installed critter guard

Keep Pests and Critters Away!

The last thing you need is an animal getting onto your panels and disrupting the power collection and distribution.

Our revolutionary and easy-to-install Critter Guard keeps the pests away and protects your solar panels.


Solar array without critter guard protection
Damaged wires from pests

Protect your solar panels & system from squirrels, pigeons, and other rodents with critter guard

Squirrels or pigeons will sometimes nest under the panels. This can be a headache for a few reasons. The squirrels will sometimes chew on the loose wire causing a short in the circuit or drop in production. Pigeons will cause poop to build upon the panels decreasing the production and causing maintenance problems down the road. 


We install the critter guard or bird netting on the parameter of the solar array. This will prevent any wildlife or rodents from getting underneath the panels and nesting. We install a light metal mesh that matches the height of the distance between the solar panel and roof. All roofs are different so they would be customized to your roof type and installation. We use J-hooks to install the critter guard on the solar panels’ frame.

We offer multiple styles of critter guards depending on the preference of the customer.


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